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Security is indispensable. By acknowledging that fact, the next logical step is to determine where your business is vulnerable to security threats.
Omni-U takes you through a structured approach to understand the security stance of your company.



Once the security weaknesses are clear and qualified, it is time to bring the identified risks to an acceptable level.
Omni-U helps you traverse the maze of solutions, regardless of whether they are client, supplier, education or technology driven.



Security measures are in place and risks have been addressed. You now need to determine if the  security measures that you have taken are effective and sufficient.
Omni-U reviews where your current treatments could still be improved and what additional measures are needed.



Since no company is perfect, your reviews and audits will have led to suggestions for improvements and possibly the need to redesign some existing treatments. Omni-U provides both support to address these findings and services to reduce the amount of future observations.



Be recognized for the quality of your services and the control over the information risks you face by getting accredited through nationally or internationally certification standards such as ISO 27001. If you've put in the effort to be in control, the business case is easy to make in most situations. Omni-U can help you take these final steps and support you throughout the certification process.


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